why i started my blog and online business

There are many reasons why people start a blog or an online business and most time it’s to make money and have some sort of a freedom, as you get to share and talk about whatever you like on your blog. But today I’m going to tell you why I started my blog + online business.

I remember it like it was yesterday when I finally decided that I want to go online, everyone is basically living in a virtual world and I’m on it most of the time so why not join?! But I had no idea where to start or should I even start. I then finally decided to get a wordpress theme I liked, got my domain sorted but had no clear idea exactly what I will do with this platform of mine, all I know is I wanted to somehow make a difference in this world with my unique skills and live out my passion and creativity.

This is where the journey got really interesting

I came across so many female entrepreneurs who were using their online blogs to reach their audience. I started reading up, learning, attending webinars and searching what people are doing with their blogs. I had a tough time to be honest, ’cause I kept comparing myself to people and what they were doing! How on earth would I ever amount to creating such great content… by the way I still as myself that! But then I heard someone say something really great in an online webinar I attended once – ‘No matter what niche, field of work or skill & talent you have, you are able to help someone with a problem they have and solve it by reaching them in the right way.

How did I miss this for so long?!

And then and there it just hit me, we all have something to offer this world to help people or teach them what you’ve learnt in an online environment. It then all started becoming clearer and I thought of how many times people have asked me how did you start your business; where do you get your graphics; how do you make it so nice; how do you do this; where did you get this? And it all began to plan-out, I then knew what I want to do. I wanted to help other aspiring women create their dream blog + business, by sharing my tips & tricks and providing them with affordable design solutions, templates, free worksheets & ideas, in order to get them on a path of becoming their own boss.

It wasn’t all pop the bubbly and let’s celebrate…

It took me a while to really zone in on what I really wish to help people with, ’cause honestly I LOVE helping women through simple tips & tricks and giving them actionable resources to launch them into the next phase, faster by eliminate the added stress and frustration of, where do I begin? By creating awesome helpful content, which I can serve them with.


If you want to start your blog just like I did and kick-ass as a business owner, then you’re going to love these 5 tips + (my free workbook at the end!) to get you to start on your blog today and treat it like a business!


Focus and get down to what it really is that you can offer your audience and be specific and clear as to what people can expect from you and to who you serve. 

If you’re a food blogger or a fitness expert for example, don’t all of a sudden hit your audience with a fashion tips. It will be random and confusing, your audience is with you for a specific reason and treat them that way. 


Now this is the part that you really need to get serious on and tackle from the get go my friend! Set goals, have a business plan and get clear on your achievements and what you wish to get from this. Don’t just wish, plan!

Remember that for each goal you intend to set, put a deadline or timeframe with that and get accountable, nothing just happens, you have to plan and put in the work.

free guide to starting your business today


It’s important to stand out and be professional. There are thousands of online bloggers and entrepreneurs who serve their clients each day so looking the part is key. There are also many people browsing the web and buying online each day and therefore you need to stand out and be seen. The best for this is a simple and to the point blog, is what puts people at ease. A cluttered and confusing layout and too much going on, puts people off. There are so many well designed WordPress themes for free or to purchase, there is no excuse to look good.

Then on the other hand, for people to even remotely take a leap and invest in you by signing up for a course, joining your mailing list or buying a product, you also need to invest in your business. Spend your money wisely as to how you can put money you’ve made or saved up in order to serve your audience better.


No one ever started something or achieved a goal by sitting back… now I’m not saying working a 12 or 16 hour day deserves a badge, but I do believe in working smart and putting in the time. 

Batch work where you can, dedicate a day or hours in a day to do a specific task and complete that. Get my free Entreprenista Blogging Business Plan and get started!

Schedule your social media post in advance. Plan them out and schedule. There are so many free and priced tools to help you with this. 

And don’t forget to ask for help if you get stuck. Ask an expert, hire someone to do a task or project you can’t, phone a friend, but don’t just sit there and try and do it all yourself. Google is your friend!

Then laslty…


Now to be honest this can sound overwhelming at first and you’re not sure where the heck to start, I get it, I wa sthere.

But simplify things for yourself, pick a FREE e-mail marketing provider such as Mailchimp or Benchmark from here you will send your e-mails. They have technical support and also plan upgrades available, and start.

An e-mail list is critical, I’ve worked in two online business environments, both from start-up and I tell you the power of e-mail marketing is unbelievable. There is also so much research and testing to prove this.

OK, wow that was a lot of info and guess what I still have so much more that I could say, but I don’t want to overwhelm you just yet. Grab these tips and start investigating for yourself. 

If you really wanna take this to the next level my fellow boss babe, then I totes think you need to get my Entreprenista Blogging Business Plan Worksheet right here >



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