how to schedule weeks worth of social media content in hours

How to schedule week’s worth of social media content in hours

Overwhelmed with Social Media, don’t have time to sit on your phone and come up with post on the day you’re most busy? Well I have the tool that will help you plan your posts in advance, helping you save time and making life more stress-free.

When it comes to Social media, I can without a doubt, in my personal opinion and from experience say that it is one of the most important components and tools to grow, expand and keep a well maintained blog or online business running. However, I often find that many start-ups or new small business owners find it overwhelming to create content for their online presence each day. It often feels impossible and consumes so much time.

And that is exactly why I want to share what has helped me save loads of time and schedule your social media days and even weeks in advance. This programme is great for all your favourites such as Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and it even has a free plan available.

Now please note that are many and I mean many social media scheduling tools and apps available out there, which fits the preference of your business and end goal. Today I’m discussing my favourite tool for running my social media at this current time and how it works an has helped me.

So before you get overwhelmed with all this info and all these platforms and apps – Download my FREE Social Media Content Planner here to help you ease into this. Or click the box below. 

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And I welcome you to my favourite tool at the moment and that is Later formerly known as Latergramme. Check them out here to sign-up –

At Later, they fully believe: “There should be a simpler way to plan your visual content marketing. Aggregating, storing, planning, and optimizing your visual content marketing campaigns should take as little time as possible so you can spend your time making the best campaigns possible.”

With Later you are able to schedule posts days and even weeks in advance. You simple upload your photos (from Dropbox or your computer) that you wish to share. Drag the picture you select into the date and time you want. A window will pop up where you type in the content and copy for that specific post. You can do this with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Pinterest.

Later will not post your content automatically, they send you a notification on your mobile phone, you then need to go into that app and proceed to post. The nice thing about it, is you get to save time by creating and planning posts in advance and not on the spur of the moment or in a rush.

Below I took a few screenshots of how the interface of Latergramme looks.