How to create beautiful graphics for your business using canva

Today I’m going to talk a little bit about my good friend and How To Create Beautiful Looking Graphics For Your Business Using Canva

I know as a business owner and designer myself how frustrating it can be (yes for me too) to create and put together a great looking graphic for your Facebook, Instagram or whatever gram you’re on. Then not to add, making sure they all look consistent, include your brands colours but also get the message, service, advice or whatever you’re offering across to your audience.

You might like to know that I created awesome pre-designed and ready to use Canva Social Media Templates that are now available. Simple easy to edit templates for any type of business. Put your own stamp on it, choose your colours of your business, edit the copy, save and use! It will eliminate you having to create multiple templates for all your platforms.


Now I know as a designer I should probably not say this, but I honestly use more than Photoshop – now more than ever for my business, due to it’s easy to use interface and amazing results with free usage. Everything in Canva helps me get the consistent and beautiful looking graphics I desire in minutes. Now yes, I also do wedding stationery on the side and for this I do prefer a more suitable program such as Illustrator and for various reasons, however if you’re opting to design and create print ready files, yip you guessed it… Canva has that option too.

Canva how to video tutorial

Once you become more and more comfortable and confident with your Canva skills, I promise you the options of what you can create are endless. Take for example my banner above linking you to the Canva video tutorial… guess what hun? Yip, I created that in Canva. It’s super easy and so much fun!

Here are a few tips & tricks I jotted down to help you get the most out of Canva for your business:

  • Choose 3-5 colours for your branding and stick with them.
  • Choose 2 main fonts and 2-3 fonts used as accents. Canva has so many fonts to choose from when you design. 
  • Grab some amazing free stock images for your graphics from places such as or and upload them into your Canva library.
  • And remember to plan your content and what needs to be designed. I always make a list and do content planning, this way I stay on top of things!
  • The key is to have fun, play around and see what Canva has to offer and get creative!

Imagine having more time to do other things and not stress about can I afford a designer, who will I even get to create graphics?! Instead do it yourself for FREE. Canva has many layouts and pre-designed templates to use, so you really have no excuse to not look like a pro!



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