How i started my business with zero moola

How I started my business with zero moolas!

Ok I know you’re rolling your eyes thinking yeah right Bree, whatever! No one ever started a business with zero cash. But seriously I did! And I wanna let you in on a secret, not so much a secret but a little inside scoop on how and what I did to where I’m now my own boss. So that if you’re just like me, who was once very unhappy in my 9-5 job, wait, let me correct that, my 8-5 job day in and day out never really happy with that job or that career or feeling fulfilled, I want to tell you that there is an answer and it all comes down to just STARTING!

You see I had many dreams and visions and ideas of what I wanted to do or be, but they just stayed exactly that, dreams and visions. They would never become a reality unless I took action. And the number one LIE I kept telling myself was, I don’t have enough money, I need money to do this or to do that, I need money to buy this so that I can do this, or start this. Who am I to have this dream, who would even buy from me? Well you’re wrong and I’m going to tell you exactly what I did and how you can do exactly the same with zero moola and just START!

Obviously like you my dream of being my own boss didn’t just start a few months ago, I had a dream and saw myself being my own boss the day I left college. Of course I got my first job, then my second and then my third and I realized heck, is this it? I was slowly feeling like I’m dying on the inside, I had so much to offer the world and so many ideas that I wanted to share, that I would never be able to fully express or do within a working environment. I also realized I’m making someone else rich with MY skills and MY talents… I realized that I simply had to take action. I have no excuses and I need to shut my fears up!

I have always been in a creative or digital space, from studying photography, then e-commerce marketing, to lastly marketing management. And in this time I had the privilege for working for a few well known online start-ups, where I formed part of the marketing and design team. In my last job I really had a revelation, so to speak, when I realized I had way more to offer then what they needed from me and this frustrated me. I was sitting thinking of new ideas for this business, to make them money, while I become more frustrated. But I took that frustration and told myself, you have the ability to do anything and be anything Bree, you already are! Success is all about your attitude and your mindset and so I started with action 1. Let’s get to the exciting stuff!

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Action 1 – Think Of A Name For Your Business.

I remember it as clear as yesterday it was one rainy Saturday night in August 2015, I was sitting on the couch watching TV eating ginger cookies and milk. I was thinking about how unhappy I was at work (yip while I was watching TV, hello we’re women we can multi-task, lol) and I just said to God, I have to do something about this dream. I cannot let another year pass by and I didn’t take action.

So I took a pen and paper and I started thinking of what I would call my business, I wrote down a few ideas and all of a sudden it just came to me. My nickname is Bree and I love creating – Bree Creatives it will be. I chose a nickname ‘cause I wanted to be approachable and relatable and plus my real name is just so hard for most people to pronounce.

Don’t make this step too complicated and hard. You don’t need the best name or the, most clever caption. Think of what you wish to do with your brand today, one year from now, flip even ten years from now (let’s think big!) you might not be doing what you’re doing now and does your brand name allow for that change.

Action 2 – Creating Your Logo.

This is such a fun and exciting part and also slightly overwhelming. Obviously being a designer I had the advantage of not having to pay hundreds or thousands to an agency or designer to create my branding. But here’s the thing, neither do you. There are so many free tools online for creating logos such as: | and not to mention MS Word, yes word.

Sometimes less is more and simple and clean is best. This makes it easy to read and easy to incorporate in various platforms and branding items such as business cards, stickers etc. Start simple and get to the fancy stuff later. Don’t stress yourself out about getting it all perfect. Trust me, especially in the beginning you will want to make changes to you your logo many times. So then doing it yourself or a free option is best.

Just to give you an idea of how easy it is to create a FREE logo, I did one for you in – Awesome editable graphics, colours, fonts, shapes etc. to choose form. There is no excuse to not have a professional looking logo, for FREE!. Design, save and download. That’s it! Get my pdf how to guide for editing in Canva

Please see my examples below of a free logo design done in Canva.

Action 3 – Create Your Social Platforms.

Now with this step you should totes be more than experienced enough and super excited for everyone to see your new biz. Also keep in mind that there is no need to be on every single platform. It’s a lot to handle and manage and also think of what would best suite your business and time at this moment. Use the platforms you’re more comfortable with at this point and use them, the rest can come later.

Here is a list of social platforms you can checkout or join – Google + | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest | Linkedin | Youtube

It is important to know that social media for your business is to communicate with your clients. I made many mistakes with my business in terms of social media, but it happens and it’s ok. You learn. But learn from my mistakes. See, social media as a platform to connect with your audience and share not a sales pitch. People need to get to know you and trust you before they invest. It’s just the way it works.

Action 4 – Connect and Network.

It is important to connect with like-minded individuals, business owners, get to know your competition (this does not have to be a negative thing) assist on projects in your field to get exposure or join a group, just connect and say hello to the world out there.

I did my first collaboration for the launch of a new venue, with many leading individuals in the wedding industry and it was such a fun and interesting experience. I learnt a lot about myself, about people, about where I see myself, and how I wish to grow my business. Not only that, I connected with such awesome individuals who I now call my friends but whom are also clients.

I have grown my business through connecting. Showing my face, popping an email saying hi, this is me! Showing up. It is so important to show up and be consistent. Yes, I did not always do this 100% and am always working on it, but identifying it and working on it is what counts.

Action 5 – Failing To Plan Is, Planning To Fail.

Last but not least it’s all about planning and strategizing. Plan what you want to accomplish, what you want to do in the next month, week, year. Plan your days, plan your work and in this way you will always have an idea of where to improve and where to grow. Planning is key and gives you the opportunity to grow and be the best you can be. Whether it’s planning your outfit for the next day, planning your social media posts, planning meetings, planning new products or ideas or a collaboration. Just keep planning.

I even plan a creative day for myself every week on a Friday where I take time to think about my business, things I want to improve, ideas I have, things I want to do. I plan this into my week, so that I can constantly grow and serve my clients better.

So do me a favour, just START! Write down your dreams, your ideas and take action. Even if you start with one, be gracious with yourself, don’t try and do it all in one day. I’m still growing and working on my business, it takes time, but invest well and invest in yourself. So go ahead and chase your dreams.

Please feel free to pop me a mail, ask me questions or just chat. I would love to hear from you and how far you are with your action plans!

Bree Xx

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