Heya! I’m Bree, the face behind Bree Creatives. I’m a designer, entrepreneur & professional dreamer! And I’m here to tell you no matter what you believe or think, you can be your own boss babe and I’m here to help get you there.

Success and growing a business does not have to be stressful! Yip that’s what I said!

And I’m here help you make those smooth transitions and guide and assist as much as I can to get you crushing those goals and go from dreaming to actually living the life you envisioned!

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The corporate life literally sucked my soul dry and starting my own business in 2015 first doing wedding stationery, got me dreaming again and opened up the doors to so many other opportunities.

I was done working for a boss, doing the same routine each day and working long hours and feeling trapped. I had so much more to offer and so many ideas that I could not live out in a corporate environment. I was limited and felt frustrated. As I started my business as I had more people asking me how I started, how do I get my graphics to look so nice, or can I help them. I was assisting people, more and more on how to grow at their business and giving them the tips and tricks I use and learnt, instead of doing wedding stationery.. It really got me thinking and that’s when my whole business direction shifted from that point onwards.

“My dream is to help more and more boss babes like yourself, crush those fears and eliminate the stress and make growing a business fun again!”

It finally led me to live out what I really found I’m passionate about, and that is to use my design skills and what i’ve learnt about being a business owner and empower other, driven, motivated and kick-ass entrepreneurs and boss babes to succeed without the bags of stress!