free beautiful stock images

Yaaaay! You’re a new blogger or recently started your own business and you’re looking for pretty graphics that aligns with your business? Am I right?

When I first started Bree Creatives, I was so frustrated with my social posts not aligning or having a flow and theme and I began the search for feminine stock photos that will suite my business. I didn’t have the budget to spend on expensive stock images, so I went looking for free stock images. But so many of the free stock sites available just didn’t have the pretty and feminine images I wanted for my blog and social media content.

So in order to help you out and eliminate the stress and frustration, I’ve rounded up a few amazing places where you can get free feminine stock photos! Enjoy!

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P.S. Most of these sites offer FREE stock images when signing-up or as a monthly free gift, they also have stock images to purchase, should you need more.


free stock images wonderfelle

Elle of Wonderfelle has really pretty and feminine styled stock images for your blog or social media platforms. Each month she sends you a photo pack via e-mail filled with beautiful photos. Sign up to grab 10 free stock photos.

Get 10 free stock photos!

2.Boss Latina

free stock images boss latina

Looking for some posh stock images? Then Yami is just what you need. She has 10 stunning posh free stock photos for you! She also gives away more each month. Bonus!

10 free posh stock photos!

3.Haute Stock

free stock images haute stock

I remember coming across Haute Stock when I first started. It was one of the first places I got introduced to pretty stock images for growing my business and for free.

You get immediate access to a few images When you sign up She also sends you new styled photos straight to your inbox!

Get your free styled stock photos!

4.Ivory Mix

free stock images ivory mix

I most definitely one of the styled stock libraries where you get the most for free. The biggest free stock photos you can get is from Ivory Mix! You can literally scroll for days with the amount of free images she gives away in her free library stock photos when you sign up.

Get 54 free feminine stock photos!

5.Shay Cochrane

free stock images shay cochrane

Shay is hands down in my opinion the Queen of amazingly styled and photographed images! She really has an eye for it. Her images are styled with intention of using it for your social media platforms and using it to grow your business. Sign up to her list and get images monthly!

Monthly images!

6.Carmen Creative

free stock images carmen creative

When it comes to Carmen Creative, you get the images based on the month you sign up in. What I’ve also seen her do is, she has blog posts for some month’s free images.

Get this month’s free stock images!


And there you go. 6 of my favourite FREE stock photo sources for the BEST stylish and feminine free stock photos! No more excuse to stress over graphics for your business. I really hope this helps and you enjoy and get to use this for your blog, social media, website or wherever you need it.

So go on, let me know which photo pack you’re absolutely DYING to have?!