6 amazing places to find beautiful free stock photos

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Yaaaay! You’re a new blogger or recently started your own business and you’re looking for pretty graphics that aligns with your business? Am I right? When I first started Bree Creatives, I was so frustrated with my social posts not aligning or having a flow and theme and I began the search for feminine stock […]

How to schedule week’s worth of social media content in hours?

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How to schedule week’s worth of social media content in hours Overwhelmed with Social Media, don’t have time to sit on your phone and come up with post on the day you’re most busy? Well I have the tool that will help you plan your posts in advance, helping you save time and making life […]

3 must-have e-mail responses for your business

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We all know how awkward it can be to when you get “that” e-mail from a client asking for a discount and you freak out not knowing how to reply and not sound rude, but yet assertive? Ever been there? Well I have! It’s bound to happen, no matter what type of business or service […]

Why I started my blog + online business

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There are many reasons why people start a blog or an online business and most time it’s to make money and have some sort of a freedom, as you get to share and talk about whatever you like on your blog. But today I’m going to tell you why I started my blog + online […]

Canva Social Media Templates For Your Business

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I am so excited to have finally completed my brand new Canva Social Media Templates For Your Business just for you and your business, no matter whether you’re in start-up phase, big or small or have been around for ages. This is for everyone. I have come across so many business owners, entrepreneurs and bloggers who […]